SteepEdge Mountain Films

Mountain films have inspired Brian Hall throughout his adult life. In 1979 he co-founded (with John Porter) the Kendal Mountain Film Festival with Sir Chris Bonington as it's active patron. When, in 2008 they transferred the running to a community charity, it had developed into one of the top three Mountain Festivals in the world

The idea of SteepEdge was born at Kendal, to create a virtual mountain film festival to show archive, contemporary, classic and niche mountain related films, available 24/7 and worldwide to the mountain and climbing community. 

Available to watch now on your computer, TV or mobile device. The extensive catalogue of Mountain & Adventure sports films, movies & videos are available to buy or rent by download or stream.

Films on rock climbing, mountaineering, alpine & ice climbing, bouldering, skiing, snow boarding, trekking, polar exploration, mountain biking, BASE jumping, kayaking, caving, adventure racing, paragliding,  mountain culture and environment.

Featuring Everest, K2, Yosemite, Font, Bonington, Hillary, Messner, Houlding & MacLeod and much more....



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